Vette-Air Intake System

Vette-Air Intake System
Item# 760037

Product Description

Vette-Air Kit Includes:
  • Vette-Air
  • (2)3 1/2" Bolt
  • (1)1" Bolt
  • (1)1 1/2" Bolt
  • (4)Nylon Threaded Nuts
  • (4)Washers
  • Shroud Template
  • Installation Instructions

    The "Vette-Air" scoop has a very effective patented design, it promotes greater air flow into the engine, without risking the chance of water ingestion under normal operations. Due to its industry first acute/upstream air scoop, the Vette-Air intake system promotes greater air volume for your 2005 to 2013 C6, Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR1 Corvettes. The “new” unique design and material construction process called FDM (Filament Deposition Modeling) with ECOMAX virgin high impact polymer and temperature resistant PLA, delivers greater volume of cooler air while maintaining the stock is very stealth! The Vette-Air kit includes mounting hardware, detailed instructions and can be installed by a moderately skilled enthusiast in less than 1 hour.

    *Please specify if your vehicle is a LS3 Z51 at time of purchase.

  • *At Vette-Air, quality, value, functionality and customer service is our number one priority*