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Welcome to Vette-Air Intake Systems

At "Vette-Air", our goal is to continually search for better ways to improve the breathing capabilities of your vehicle. Our Gen I patented Vette-Air cold air system for the 2005 and up C6 and 2006 and up Z06 Corvette has been a great success.

"Vette-Air" has a very effective patented design, it promotes greater air flow into the engine, with out risking the chance of water ingestion under normal operations. Due to it's industry first acute/upstream air scoop, the Vette-Air intake system promotes greater air volume for your 2005 and up C6 and Z06 Corvettes. It's unique design and material construction delivers cooler air at a much greater volume while maintaining the stock appearance...it is very stealth! The Vette-Air kit includes mounting hardware and detailed instructions and can be installed by a moderately skilled enthusiast in about 1 hour.

What We Do

We are the leading supplier to many well known Corvette tuners on the market today, including The Vette Doctors Inc and Halltech Performance Engineering.

What's New

Vette-Air has joined forces with HPP Racing and Dallas Performance!

HPP Racing specializes in Ford, GM and Dodge applications, and is home to some of the Fastest Street Cars in the country!

With over 14 years of experience in custom fabrication, Dallas Performance specializes in providing application specific performance engineered solutions at an extremely affordable cost.


Home of the FIRST 9sec and 10sec C6 Z06's in the world!

    9.88@141! & 9.94@139!
    10.66@131! & 10.52@132!

Also to a host of low 11sec and 11.0's C6 and C6 Z06's

*At Vette-Air, quality, value, functionality and customer service is our number one priority*