Halltech Beehive Heat Shield for Killer Bee

Halltech Beehive Heat Shield for Killer Bee
Item# 77648

Product Description

Fits all C6 Corvettes! 2005-2010. Make a "Beeline" down the 1/4 mile with Halltech's Beehive Heat Shield Cold Air Induction. Featuring easy pop-in installation, black OEM finish and very minor cutting, this simple add-on mod will bring another 15 HP to your Z06 or C6 when on the road or track by keeping hot engine heat out of the intake. Halltech's all new Killer Beehive Ram Air Induction is a simple heat-shield designed to isolate the Killer Bee filter from underhood heat, but also rams massive amounts of cold dense air into the Beehive filter through two optional cutouts on the lower radiator deflector shield that will feed cold air to the sides of the Killer Bee filter. The stock Z06 NACA duct feeds the top of the filter, which for those that prefer not to cut their radiator shroud, will be sufficient to bring cold air into the Beehive.

*The Beehive is a great performance match to our very popular Vette-Air scoop…another industry first back in early 2006!

*At Vette-Air, quality, value, functionality and customer service is our number one priority*